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    It was a pleasure being a patient of Dr Sharp’s. He was very thorough when explaining what was going on and what my procedure was going to entail. I would and will recommend Dr Sharp to anyone that asks

    ~ Kay D ~

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    I highly recommend

    ~ John ~

  • Healthgrades 351006Healthgrades

    I had a horrible fracture (broken in multiple places at the ankle, 2 ripped ligaments). Dr Sharp did an amazing job with surgery and care throughout. I also had a much better experience than a friend of mine with a similar injury. I’m really happy with my entire experience for an injury that was e...

    ~ Lisa S ~

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    Dr Sharp was very professional asking questions about my health and why I’m here. Also answers all my concerns. A strong plan of attack

    ~ Chuck ~

  • Healthgrades 351004Healthgrades

    Great Doctor! He explained things in a way that made it easy to understand.

    ~ Debbie Brotherton ~

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    I saw Dr. Sharp for a torn ligament in my toe. We came up with a conservative plan to try to let the ligament heal as he mentioned that surgery would be the last possible option. Fortunately his conservative measures allowed the ligament to heal and I did not have to have surgery. I saw Dr. Sharp tw...

    ~ Kent W ~

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    Dr Sharp is very knowledgeable and understanding of my issues.

    ~ Brenda Ladd ~

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    Dr Sharp is a wonderful physician. From his bedside manner to knowledge base he is exceptional. He is meticulous in reading X-rays and images and was able to diagnose issues that were not addressed in primary care with both my husband and I. His new office seems efficient and organized.

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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    Dr. Sharp is really invested in his patients. He takes the time to explain everything and make sure you understand and are comfortable with your treatment plan. His follow-up is thorough. I highly recommend him.

    ~ Pauline ~

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    Dr.Sharp is incredible! We were lucky to make an appointment on a short notice. Great practice, five plus stars! Thank you Doctor Sharp!

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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