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    I sought out Dr. Sharp on my own after being waved off by an ER doctor. The doctor was able to tell what was wrong with my ligaments just off of an X-ray that the ER could not. We discussed all options, everything was well explained, and the doctor as well as the staff were amazing. My surgery went ...

    ~ Heather P in Littleton, CO ~

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    Saw Dr. Sharp for plantar fasciitis that I have been struggling with for over one year. I have tried ALL conservative measures and nothing was working. He explained everything very well and discussed all treatment options with me in detail and allowed me to pick the treatment that best suited me and...

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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    Best doctor. He was able to identify the cause of my foot pain and performed a successful surgery to fix it. Recover went quicker than expected. He was the third doctor I went to in 4 years with the same issue and the first one to fix it properly.

    ~ Ruth in englewood ~

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