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    Caring and knowledgeable

    Dr.Sharp is very detailed in his explanation and answers each and every question. He performed minor foot surgery for me in 2016. Since then I have a new problem and was interested in the new minimally invasive surgery. I was so happy to find out...

    ~ Simone C ~

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    Attentive care!
    I’m 4 weeks out of surgery and Dr. Sharp is extremely attentive to me and my questions ( always a lot of questions!). We live 2 hours away and he is working with our local PT and watching my progress carefully. Can’t wait for my next phase of recovery!

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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    One of the best
    Dr. Sharp and his team are so lovely! From the moment he entered the room, he took his time, made sure I understood what was going on and explained what each option looked like. I highly recommend him to all those looking for a kind human who’s a great doctor.

    ~ Self Verified Patient ~

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    Great doctor
    Doctor Sharp is an outstanding care provider. He was able to repair a severely damaged ligament in my ankle. He is both kind & professional. I would definitely recommend him.

    ~ Jennifer ~

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    After seeing 2 other Dr's, Dr Sharp helped me. I went to a Sports Medicine Dr. and he gave orthotics and sent me on my way. Dr. Sharp took the time to find out what the real problem was and I ended up having surgery to cure my foot issue. I highly recommend Dr. Sharp as a doctor that truly cares abo...

    ~ Claire DeGroot ~

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    Excellent service and professional, very kind person

    ~ Adriana Garcia ~

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    Surgery on both feet...excellent results
    Had one foot done a year and a half ago, great results. In 7th week of healing on other, so far so good. Great and efficient staff.

    ~ KR ~

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    Great surgeon!
    Dr Sharp has been nothing short of amazing with my recent toe surgery. Takes all the time I need reviewing X-rays and progress.

    ~ Christine K. ~

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    Professional with a great staff
    Dr. Sharp provided excellent care and information during a time when I had a bump on my foot. The approach he took and his process led to the right solution. He is also a very personable doctor. His staff includes an incredible PA in Jaela and Ca...

    ~ Dave M ~

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    Dr. Sharp is not only a great doctor and surgeon he has mastered the Class of bedside 101! He he very professional and very personable. Takes his time with you, makes sure you understand everything clearly. Never in a rush And has a good Spence of humor.

    ~ Sandi Smith ~

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